Office Finishing Touches – Part 1

You may or may not have noticed that I only posted once in February…and it was about a project I’d done in December. I was crazy busy and stressed out at work (plus the recent loss of my uncle) – yeah, I’ve been in a funk. I didn’t want to do anything after work or on weekends other than lay around in my sweats and watch TV. I realize now how unhappy I was and how I really let myself go downhill. Long story short – I’m out of my funk and ready to get myself back together and start working on projects/blogging again. Oh, and I also got a new job! It’s with the same company and still in finance, but I’ll be in a different group and working on a different program (United Kingdom). I’m excited for the change, but I’ll miss my current group and manager.  Hopefully the new group will be just as fun…

All of that to say, I’m back! Today I’m sharing a few recent updates in the office. First off, I bought a new pair of pillow covers. I ordered them off of Etsy from Skoope Home. The owner is closing her shop, so everything is on sale – 2 pillow covers for $25! Usually I make my own pillow covers, but with the cost of fabric plus the time I’d take me to sew them, I’d say $12.50 per pillow is definitely a deal! I do want to add that they are made to order, so it took about a month from when I placed my order to when they arrived on my door step. The quality is great, but don’t order if you are in a rush…although, I don’t know why you’d be in a rush for a pair of pillow covers...

Anyway, I’m also working on styling the end table. I found this lamp at TJ Maxx for $29.99. I had a $25 gift card from my credit card points, so it only cost me $7.40 after tax. I love it! 

I’m still deciding on the rest of the accessories – like the plant that needs a new pot (I haven’t found one that I like yet). I love how this room is turning out and I can’t wait to finish it. Right now I’m working on a travel pin board for one of the walls. Hopefully I’ll have that post later this week or early next week. 


  1. Looks beautiful! I love that little table and your piillows.

  2. Yay! You are back! I missed you my lovely friend. Congratulations on the moving up and over at your job! That's awesome, I hope it all works out for you! I'm sorry to hear about everything you had going on though... being a human has some serious pitfalls and it totally makes sense that you need a bit of a break from something. I hope that these new changes will help keep you moving forward!

    It's funny that you posted about pillows... I just decided last night I want to replace all of mine in the living room because they're getting that funky that comes with constant use and age. So high five to those cuties! And there is nothing better than a good lamp, and especially one for under $10! More beer money!

    I mean.... DIY money... oops... hehe.


  3. I love your room taking shape. Have fun.

  4. I missed you! I was so excited to see you pop up on my Bloglovin :)

    Sorry to hear about your uncle :( and hope your new jobs goes well!!!

    And I love the pillows! I love the big pattern and how it is positioned differently on each pillow!

    Glad you're back!!

  5. oh, so very sorry to hear of your loss sam. it's just so difficult losing those we love. glad you're feeling more like yourself. you scored on those covers, they look awesome! congrats on the new position...hope all works out great.


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