Selling My Desk/Office Progress

I’m officially crossing the first project off of my Christmas break to-do list! I sold my white desk…finally!

You probably remember the desk from my original office. I loved that desk, and still do, but it wasn’t practical. We each have a laptop so we really needed our own space, plus my boyfriend’s legs are too long to fit comfortably under the desk. We ended up building a farmhouse-style desk with enough room for the both of us earlier this year. So, my little white desk has just been taking up space (and collecting crap) for the past six months.

I’d been putting off selling the desk because I hate dealing with people on Craigslist. Seriously, if you say you are going to show up at a certain time, SHOW UP AT THAT TIME! Anyway, I decided to list the desk for sale on a couple of the Facebook sale groups that I’m a member of. (Side Note: Are you a member of any of those groups? Have you bought anything that way?)

But before I listed the desk I removed the glass knobs/pulls and put the original hardware back on the desk. I knew I wouldn’t get my money back with the pulls, so I’m saving them for another project. Luckily, the old pulls covered the holes I drilled for the new hardware, except one drawer. I puttied the holes, sanded it smooth, and then painted a fresh coat on that drawer. Easy peasy!  

I wanted $100 for the desk, so I listed it at $125 knowing I’d get offered less. I had a lot of people interested, but no one ended up following through on the sale…until I was about to pull the listing because I was leaving for Christmas at my parents’ house the following day. The lady said they lived at the same cross-streets as me, so they could come by that day if I’d take $100. Um, YES!

So, later that day the entire family showed up to look at the desk. Grandma was buying it as a Christmas present for one of her grandkids. The girl quickly looked over the desk and said she liked it. Grandma paid me and my boyfriend helped the grandpa load the desk into their truck. I’m so happy the desk went to a good home and that it was special enough to be someone’s Christmas present!

OK, enough about the desk…let’s talk office progress (I’m almost done!):
Sell old desk on Craigslist/Facebook
Replace outlets and switches with white ones
Cords/modem/router solution
Build pallet artwork
Buy end table
Sew pillows
Add accessories
Buy dresser/Paint dresser – removed (not enough room for a dresser)


  1. That was smart to replace the handles! And I'm sure it's nice to have some money in your pocket :)

  2. Glad you were able to sell it! I'm sure it's getting a lot of love at the new home. Happy New Year!

  3. I broke my foot in September, and my husband brought my laptop downstairs (revolutionary, I know). I never go into our office any more (well, I did once to clean up my side of the desk). I loved your girlie white desk, but I can see that the gorgeous new (May is new, right?) table works better. My couch is working for me just fine! ;)

  4. Personally, I would have loved that desk. It looks simple yet very elegant. Although I understand that you do need more space and this desk is just not built for two people. It didn't go to waste though, seeing as how you sold it for a good price. And it's really nice that it was for a Christmas present. You definitely found a nice new home for that lovely desk.

    Albert Andrews


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