Gallery Wall Update

Today I’m sharing another project that I finished over Christmas break (you can see my to-do list here and check out my first finished project here).

As you can see from the title, I finally updated my living room gallery wall! It’d been TWO YEARS since I last changed the frames and pictures, so this update was WAY over due. Well, I did replace the bottom left Ringo picture with a picture of Abby, but besides that, the wall looked exactly the same as when I last posted about it. 

I love my gallery wall, but I always thought it looked a little busy with so many small frames. I definitely needed to replace a few of the smaller frames with a couple large ones. I bought two larger (10”x13”) frames while thrifting months ago, but never hung them. I don’t have a good reason why…let’s just say I’m lazy. So my goal over Christmas break was to paint the frames to match, print new pictures, and update the damn wall!

I started by painting the new frames with the same Krylon Dual Paint + Primer Black in Satin that I used on the rest of the wall. While the paint was drying I picked out pictures for my new frames. I decided to print a picture of my mom and me from our trip to France and this free printable (in blue…although I couldn’t figure out how to separate the file, so I had to print all four of them): 


Once the paint dried and no longer smelled like spray paint, I added the pictures and hung them on the wall. I ended up removing eight of the smaller frames/letters to hang the two larger frames.
(I swear the frames are all straight IRL...)

I also replaced one of the 5x7 frames with an 8x10 frame. In that frame I added this print I bought home from London. It’s a sketch of the Prime Ministers front door and it’s actually a greeting card, but it was a perfect fit! 

I also replaced some of the older pictures with newer ones and added one of the prints that I bought in Paris (bottom middle frame).

I love that it looks a lot less cluttered than before. I still want to add back a few of the pictures I took down plus add more, so you’ll probably see a gallery wall expansion post sometime soon (and by soon I  mean two years from now). 


  1. I agree, although your 1st go at it wasn't bad at all too! Love the print Sam!

  2. It looks adorable! I've found that the more gallery walls I do... the better at it I get. Which makes sense. I love the updates! Yay!

  3. you're ahead of me. planning on one in the bath after the 'apre flooding from shower re-do', but there is still nothing on the wall! looks great. super sweet printable!

  4. I like this a lot and I am looking forward to seeing your other projects.

  5. What a fab collection of frames, I love the different shapes


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