Two Year Anniversary

Two years ago today I moved into my house! I can’t believe it’s already been two years! To celebrate let’s look back on my second year of being a homeowner:
(You can see my year one recap here)

I painted two rooms, one linen cabinet, and my front door:

I painted a couple pieces of furniture for the entry/living room area:

I finally spent some of that money I’ve been saving up and splurged on:

I finished a few projects that have been on my to-do list for-ev-er:

I worked on a few small projects and did a little crafting:

And finally I started (and almost finished) my kitchen makeover:

Whew! That’s quite a list! Oh, and I can’t forget we took a trip to New Orleans in the spring and Disneyland in the fall!

But I still have to say, the best part has been sharing the house with my boyfriend and these 2:

I had a great second year as a homeowner and I can’t wait to see what I can accomplish over the next year. Here’s to another year full of more painting, more sewing, more projects, and more Ringo and Abby memories!


  1. Happy HomeOwnerIversary! It's sort of a triumphant feeling knowing that you made it right? You've come so far and only have farther to go! So proud to have been able to "meet" you and watch you transform as a growed up lady and a home owner. You've got a red door and furbabies! I think that deserves a yummy glass of wine on your new concrete porch in the backyard.

    Yay BBFF!

  2. Wow, you really have crossed a lot of projects off your to do list. I'm sure it feels great!!!

  3. Congrats - you've done loads! I have all this ahead of me, aargh!

  4. Wow Sam, you've been so busy these last two years!! You have made a beautiful and cozy home out of your house….enjoy it!

  5. two years! wow...times flies. and i agree, the best thing about having a home is the people and paws you share it will. Keep up the good work Sam.


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