Christmas Break Project #2: Master Bathroom Baseboards

Can you believe it?! A project that’s not kitchen related! I actually have one more kitchen project to finish up and then I’ll probably be done with that room for awhile. I still have a few things left on my to-do list, but I’m ready to move on. I’ll finish up the kitchen eventually, but I’m ready to start working on the living room and the office (mood board coming soon).
Anyway, remember a few months ago I put together a list of projects I wanted to finish over Christmas Break? I told you all that I finished two of them, but I only ever blogged about moving the mirror…Well today I’m finally sharing the second project I finished over Christmas Break! If you are wondering what took me so long – I forgot! I got so used to seeing the baseboards every day I forgot about them until my parents visited a couple weekends ago. My dad hadn’t seen the baseboards yet and made a comment, which reminded me that I never shared this project.
As a reminder, here’s the master bathroom sans baseboards:

I’m pretty sure the previous owners removed the baseboards when they did the tile floor, but didn’t have a chance to replace them before the house went into foreclosure. That left me with a baseboard-less master bathroom for almost two years.
Well, the bathroom is no longer baseboard-less:

My boyfriend cut the baseboards to fit and then nailed them into place. I patched the nail holes and touched up the paint. I had painted the baseboards before they were installed, so they only need a quick touch up.
It’s not the most exciting update, but I’m so happy that I can finally cross that project off my list…now I just need to finish the living room baseboards!


  1. Looks lovely! Nice and finished. Something about having pretty baseboards and wood work makes houses feel less... like boxes I guess. More personalized and custom, even in tract homes or trailers! I like it! It looks good! Luff it! (new teenager word for love. I know. My career is interfering with my "real" life. Whatever. hehe)

    Meaghan @

  2. It always feels great to cross a project off the to do list even if its a small one.

  3. Nice work! Definitely makes the space look more finished.

    You are doing such a great job on all of your projects lately! I'm so impressed!

    Brie @ Breezy Pink Daisies


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