White and Gray (Faux) Roman Shades

I’m back with another kitchen project! Seriously, that mood board I put together was the best inspiration! I’m going to put one together for every room project from now on. I love being able to see all of my ideas together before I actually start buying and DIY-ing!
I you might remember that last year I made faux roman shades for my kitchen windows.

I still love the fabric (although my boyfriend hates it), but I didn’t like the fabric with my new canisters and design plan for the kitchen.

So, I decided to replace the bold fabric with a more neutral gray and white striped fabric. I found this one for $7.50/yard. I ordered a swatch and loved it in person, so I ordered 4 yards. I asked my boyfriend what he thought of the fabric and he said “It’s better than that ugly stuff that’s up now.” So we’ll call that a win!

I used iron-on hem tape to “sew” the sides and bottom of the shades. However, I did sew the top rod pocket because I thought it would hold better and last longer. I used the same tension rod method as before, so this ended up being a pretty quick update.  For detailed iron-on hem tape instructions, check out YHL’s step by step post here. My only advice would be to make sure the steam is off and make sure you don’t iron the tape too much – it makes it hard and won’t stick correctly.

Multiply that by three and you have this:

I love them and I’m so happy with my kitchen progress! I hope you aren’t sick of seeing my kitchen because my other 2 posts scheduled for this week are also kitchen projects.

To-Do List:
Add backsplash
Replace faucet
Update kitchen artwork
Update menu board
Create “Eat” sign
Re-pot plants
Add herb garden to window sill
Sew new faux roman shades
Create sign for above sink (to replace bon app├ętit sign)
Buy rug
Add accessories: potholders, towels, bamboo utensils/crock, oil/vinegar bottles


  1. Those look great with the canisters! I don't know if you can now that they are made, but your windows would look bigger if you placed the shades just below the ceiling and had them hang just into the top of the window.

    1. Hanging curtains higher/wider is one of my favorite decorating tricks! These windows pretty much take up that whole wall/corner, so I'm not too worried about trying to make them look larger. Plus it would take more effort to hang them than just a tension rod! =)

  2. Sam, they look so fantastic! I love the fabric you chose. :)

  3. Love anything that looks that great & doesn't involve sewing!

  4. They look super great! And even though I LOVED your old ones, these ones definitely fit into your new plan perfectly and it's good to consider your man's feelings...I guess! lol :)

    Brie @ Breezy Pink Daisies

  5. Oh, I just love the striped fabric. I love the other, but the stripes are so cute! I am jealous of your big windows in your kitchen; I just have a little one above my sink and I have to almost stand on my tip toes to look out! :)


  6. You made a great choice with that fabric, I liked the previous choice as well, but I really like this one. Love how your kitchen is progressing great job

  7. They look really good, I liked the old ones too, but these definitely go better with your cannister choice. I'm not sure I'd have been able to bring myself to ditch the old ones having slaved over them though!

  8. Everything looks awesome! Great job! Can't wait to see what you do next!

  9. An awesome job there! I like these new shades. They go more with the whole theme and feel of your kitchen. Sometimes, something even as little as those canisters can hinder the cohesion of the overall look of the kitchen, so a good eye for detail is a plus! Roxie Tenner


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