Kitchen Mood Board

It all started with a trip to Target…isn’t that how it always starts?! I went in to buy rawhide chews for the dogs and ended up buying this garlic jar:

But I couldn’t stop at the garlic jar; I also wanted a set of canisters I’d seen on a nearby shelf. I thought about those canisters for weeks and finally I bought them a few days ago- $49 for the set.

Once I put the canisters on my kitchen counter, I knew I wanted different fabric for my faux roman shades. So, I ordered 4 yards of this gray and white striped fabric:

And now here I am, planning to re-decorate my kitchen. Good thing I haven’t done much decorating yet! This is the most recent picture of my kitchen:

OK, now let’s talk plans and inspiration! This is the mood board I put together for my kitchen update (source list at bottom of post):
A lot of the items are subject to change, but I thought this would help me focus on creating a cohesive kitchen look. I’m sure I’m missing some items in the picture, but you get the idea.
I’m planning to keep my existing cabinets and countertops, but I’m going to add hardware to the doors and drawers. I’m also going to add a backsplash - as of now, white subway tile. As mentioned before, I still need to buy a new stove and I also want a new faucet. Right now I just have some funky cheap one.
I’m going to update the kitchen artwork and menu board that I’m currently using –maybe just change the frame color/paper. And I also want to make a sign to replace the Bon Appétit that I currently have up. The rest is just going to be adding kitchen-friendly accessories. I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

To-Do List:
Add hardware to kitchen cabinets
Install backsplash
Replace stove (stainless steel)
Replace faucet
Update kitchen artwork
Update menu board
Create “Eat” sign
Re-pot plants
Add herb garden to window sill
Sew new faux roman shades
Create sign for above sink (to replace bon appétit sign)
Order rug
Add accessories: potholders, towels, bamboo utensils/crock, oil/vinegar bottles

Source List:


  1. Okay, I now need that garlic jar and those canisters! So cute!

  2. I heart kitchen redos! A lot of my kitchen stuff also came from Target. It's a magical wonderland that you fall into unexpectedly and that leads you to the youarenowgoingtoredoamajorroominyourhouse land. Yay! Can't wait!

    P.S. I like mister nutcracker :)

  3. I love this collection in Target. I have been stalking the canisters for awhile and keep hoping they will go on sale, Im soooo cheap sometimes...

  4. In case I haven't told you yet - you inspire me! And I just mentioned you as one of the blogs that inspires me!! So thanks for blogging and sharing all your fun projects and ideas :)

    Brie - Breezy Special Ed (I know, this is my other blog...sometimes I think I'm crazy for having two!!!)

  5. Thank you for this nice sharing. Great post.


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