Insta-16 : Take One

A couple of months ago I gave into the peer pressure and joined Instagram. I’m not too active because I don’t think anyone cares to see pictures of everything I eat and I don’t want to overload everyone with puppy pictures, but I do add pictures every couple of days or so. You can follow me at: SAMTJH22
Anyway, I know not all of you are on Instagram, so I decided to share my pictures on here too. Every 16 pictures, I’ll do a post. My plan is to share a pretty collage of all the pictures and then pick my top 5 in different categories: Abby, Ringo, Cutest Couple (Ringo and Abby), Yummy (Food or Drink), and Wildcard (Non-Food and Non-Puppy).
So without further ado, I present to you, my first 16 Instagram pictures:

OK, let’s talk favorites:
Yes, we let Abby sleep with us - we can’t say no to that sweet little face. She loves to snuggle, so by the middle of the night she’s practically laying on top of me.

He’s a little monster, so this is probably the sweetest you’ll ever see him look. I was sitting at the dining room table eating ice cream and he obviously thought if he looked cute enough I’d give him some. It was chocolate ice cream, so he didn’t get any…poor guy.

Cutest Couple
This was the day after the 4th of July. We had a party at our house and Ringo ended up playing in the pool for about 8 hours. He slept the entire next day. Abby is always lazy, so she loved bumming around with him. Ringo was being so well behaved (because he was so tired) that I let him lay in bed with us for part of the day.

My birthday dinner: Hurricane Rolls from Zushi.  My favorite sushi roll in the entire world! Yes, I ordered 2 of them =)

This picture is from a huge storm we had about a month ago. I was out shopping and got caught out in the rain. It was coming down so hard that I couldn’t drive. I waited it out in the parking lot surrounded by falling trees. See that bushy looking thing on the ground? That’s part of the tree that broke off and landed on someone’s car. They ran out and moved the car (no apparent damage) before I could get a picture of it. This is the same storm that “flooded” our backyard and had Abby bouncing through puddles.

That rounds up my first Instagram recap! As you can see, I mostly take pictures of my pups – because they are so cute and I love their little faces.  Once again, if you have Instagram, my name is SAMTJH22. If you don’t have Instagram, you can follow my feed online here. 
Do you Instagram? Do you have a favorite Instagram picture? Leave your Instagram user name and/or link to your favorite picture in the comment section – I’d love to see them!

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  1. awww I love the pictures of Abby as she grows! I take a lot of similar pictures at darbyhawley :-)

  2. ha ha, lucan was wiped from our 4th party too. it's a dog's life.

  3. Those sushi rolls do look amazing!!

  4. Wow, that's quite a storm!! Your dogs are adorable!!

  5. hashtag! #puppylove

    I love seeing pictures of you baby dogs! It makes me uber happy! Plus seeing pictures of people's food reminds me that I can't cook/have no one to cook for. That is depressing. I appreciate puppies. Yay for a little peer pressure and Instalove.


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