June Before – Headboard

I can’t believe it’s already June! 2012 is flying by! 
For this month’s project, I’m planning to finish something I’ve been putting off for months. Remember when “Master Bedroom Headboard” was on my to-do list back in October? Yeah, 8 months later I’m finally committing to starting/finishing that project.
And honestly, it’s not that I’ve been ignoring it. I’ve thought a lot about what I want to do…I’m just indecisive. I can’t decide if I want to upholster a headboard, build a wood headboard, find something on Craigslist/at the thrift store, or something completely different. Decisions, decisions.
This is what the master bedroom looks like right now:

Thanks to the comforter (that I’m still in love with) it doesn’t look completely lame, but it definitely needs a headboard.
I’d love to hear your opinions – what do you think would look good in here? Right now I’m leaning towards upholstered, but I need to find the right fabric.

 25 days to make a decision and make a headboard!

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  1. I love the idea of upholstered... buttttttttahhhhh.... i may or may not have gone googling some awesome headboards for your room because... well I do that. I found some really awesome DIY headboards around and here is a list!




    That last one is cool because it's all chalkboardy. And I like chalkboards!

    Hopefully that gives you some ideas! I really like the wooden ones because I think it would be a cool contrast between the tufted white bedspread and really create interest. Though not as comfy if you smack into in the night....

  2. I think an upholstered one would look fantastic.

  3. I found this one too!! It's like a mantle kinda thing. Might be over kill but it's kinda cool.


  4. can't wait to see what you do!

  5. I'm sure whatever you choose will be amazing! I can't wait to see :)

  6. OK, what does @Meghan have against upholstered headboards? You can do this one sam. Do a tufted one like Jenny(LGN) did.

  7. What color are you going to pick? Black?

  8. I'm thinking about this comforter set too!

  9. I love you comforter! So pretty. I have an upholstered headboard (that needs recovering!) - it's so comfy for sitting up in bed to read. Can't wait to see what you come up with - and no worries on it being a June party, you can link it up along with the 10,000 other awesome projects you do this summer at the August after party!! :)

  10. I meant it being a June project - you got me right?


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