May After – Entertainment Center

I can’t believe May is already over! You know what that means - it’s time to share the progress I’ve made on my May project!
I started the month with my new IKEA entertainment center. So much prettier than anything that previously occupied that spot, but so empty! My May project was to dress this guy up!

I will say that I’m definitely not done with these shelves. I love how a few of them turned out, but most are subject to change. And a few just got some random items thrown together. Styling shelves is SO hard!

You’ll notice that I did change the knobs as promised (glass knobs from Hobby Lobby), but didn’t add bead board to the back of the unit. Honestly, I just didn’t have time this month, so that’s still on the list.
Let’s take a closer look at the shelves on the right:

And the shelves on the left:

One last look at everything together:

I already owned everything on the shelves except:
3 succulents (top-left, second from top-right, second from the bottom-right) – Home Depot $1.98 each
Fake flower (third down – left) – Target $9.99
Lantern (left – middle section) – Pier One $10.00 $7.50
Bird Cage (bottom – right) – Salvation Army $4.98 $2.49
Prints (third down – left, middle – middle section, second from bottom –right) – Wal-Mart $1.57 each

Free Printables available here (Keep Calm and Carry On), here (Octopus), and here (Life is a Beautiful Ride)

It definitely looks better than it did, but some of the shelves look too cluttered and a couple of the shelves look too plain. I think my favorite is the Keep Calm and Carry On/Flower shelf. Which one do you like?

And thank you to Lisa for hosting this party every month and forcing inspiring me to actually finish something around the house!

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  1. I see bikes! I see bikes! I love bikes! Now I know you love bikes! Now I have ideas! Oh yay! Bikes!

    And Keep Calm & Carry On!

    All of my favorite things!

    On your shelves!

    I am in love with you.
    I mean it. In love with it. Your shelves I mean...

    heheheh. Looks great! Shelves are always so hard but I like that you mixed a lot of vintage (!!!) accessories with some new things. Keeps it young but classic. Good work!!

  2. PS. I'm trying to *finally make my blog look prettier and kidnapped some of your ideas is that okay?

    I still love the bikes.

  3. Hey, this is so cool. I love your B/A....I am going to check out the party.

  4. This looks great, Sam! I love the printables that you used. Megan

  5. Great styling, Sam! I find that so hard - but you did such a fabulous job with it! Kind of gives the neutral wall space a little punch and visual interest. Thanks so much for linking this up to B&As this month! I'm glad the parties gave you some motivation!

  6. I love how you styled your shelves!! Beautiful!!

  7. Now I want some succulents!

    I don't think beadboard is needed--it might make it too white, but then again, it might make it look more like a built-in and conceal that high outlet.


  8. I love the colors of the books you have! :)

    The "keep calm and carry on" and the bike shelf stood out to me right away! They really ALL look nice! O my, and the bird cage - love!!!! Nicely done!! I'm excited to see what it will look like with the beadboard too!

    Brie @ BreezyPinkDaisies

  9. Looks wonderful Sam! Loving the octopus art print!

  10. Glad you still have the SNES :)

  11. This looks great, Sam! I love the print ables that you used. Amazing this post is helpful Thank you
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  12. It’s amazing what different objects and colors can do to a single space, right? I mean just look at how different it looked before and after you put items into them! It looked much more alive with all those little trinkets and books and flowers and vases over there! Now that’s the power of creativity! I think it would also be good if you add natural flowers at the top of the shelves to give a fresh atmosphere to the whole area.


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