Cleaning Out My Closet

Are you ready to see the mess that used to be my closet?

I have this wonderful walk-in closet and I could barely walk in there! A couple nights ago I’d had enough and went on a cleaning spree. I pulled all the clothes I’d never wear again, the purses and belts I didn’t like anymore, and all the shoes that hurt my feet. I couldn’t believe how fast everything was piling up!
One night of manic cleaning later, my closet now looks like this:

I’m sure you’re thinking that it doesn’t look much different other than the floor being picked up. And maybe a few less shoe boxes. Well, here’s the Goodwill pile:

3 trash bags full of clothes, purses, shoes, and even a pirate hat! Plus 2 pictures I’d been hoarding in the back of my closet. I can’t believe I’d been hanging on to that much stuff I didn’t even use. I feel so much better now that my closet is cleared out. And it’s easier to get ready in the morning. I don’t have to flip through endless shirts that I won’t wear.
Plus it’s not like I don’t have anything left, I’m sure you can see from the pictures I still have plenty of clothes hanging in there. And let’s be honest, I’m still going to buy more. The clothing racks at Savers call to me…But I need to make sure I only buy pieces that I love and will wear; otherwise I’ll be doing this all over again in a few months!
Any other thrift store/secondhand clothing addicts out there?


  1. It feels so good to get rid of stuff, doesn't it? I've been doing it for a year now, and I'm still not finished.

  2. I have a walk in closet too, but the door blocks one side. This is good because I keep off season things on the side behind the door, and so I have to flip flop sides every six months. When I do, everything comes out of the closet, and I assess each piece. A bag goes to Goodwill each time.

    I don't thrift shop much, spending money is still spending money, but I do donate often!

  3. I keep meaning to go through my closet, but it just hasn't happened yet. I get a lot of my tee shirts from the thrift store, I love the already broken in, "lived in" feeling.

  4. I have officially determined that my future home will have the master bedroom right next door to a secondary bedroom that I will join together with a magical pocket door and that secondary room will be my clothing haven! I have a serious issue with clothes. I worked in retail for wayyyy tooooo longggggg. I am jealous of your closet, though I must say... you never know when you might need that random T-shirt from high school! lol. jk...

  5. Congrats...doesn't it feel good to purge! My problem is whenever I do that, I always convince myself that means now I have more room to get more stuff haha.

  6. Looks much better, now that you made room you can buy more clothes ;) I spy a really cute ruffly blouse!


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