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Before I let take over, I want to ask for some help. We are headed to New Orleans in a couple weeks and I’d love get some suggestions from y’all.  If you live there/have lived there/have family or friends there/have visited – what are your recommendations? Must eat? Must see? We already have a few things planned and I’ve already gotten a few suggestions from you on Facebook, but I’d love to hear more.
And yes, I’m counting the days until I get to try a beignet from CafĂ© du Monde.
 I have a feeling I’m going to come home a few pounds heavier!

Now for those of you in the UK, is here today to share the details on their ongoing Twitter challenge:

To celebrate their launch on Twitter and Facebook, is giving their customers a chance to win £1,000 of vouchers.
You’d be surprised just what you could do to your bathroom with £1000. From upgrading your current appliances and furniture to giving it a head-to-toe makeover, you could do a lot for £1000 – or at least make a good dent in your costs!
The nice people at are currently holding a competition with a £1000 prize that you can use to do up your bathroom, so with this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the things you could do to create your perfect bathroom…
Go classic
One option would be to create a beautiful, classic bathroom by going for traditional-style bathroom furniture, but with a modern twist to keep things bang up to date. For example, the photo below is a great example of how you could do this.
This bath might be of a really classic style, but it has also been built with modern practicalities in mind, such as by raising that taps and putting them in the centre rather than at one end of the bath – perfect for when you’re having a long soak. There’s also nice detailing in the feet of the tub, and it’s deep enough that even true water babies should be satisfied.

Go for luxury
Of course, it’s not all about the bath. Many people either don’t have room for a bath, simply prefer to have a shower, or like to have both to get the best of both worlds. Whatever you’re reasoning, a luxury shower can be a wonderful addition to a modern bathroom, meaning that you can enjoy some pampering even when you’re in a rush.
As an example, this walk-in shower is big and practical, but it also has multiple massage jets to ensure you emerge from your shower well-relaxed. When many of us only have a few minutes in the morning to shower before we dash off to work, it’s the little details such as this that can make or break bathroom suites. The fact that you’d still have considerable change leftover from your £1000 prize money is just an added bonus on this one!
Space saving techniques
It’s a fact of life that many of us have quite small bathrooms and so space-saving techniques are something most people will need to consider. Wall-mounted furniture can help with this, as can going for just a shower rather than bath and shower.
Multi-functional furniture such as this sink storage unit is also really useful. You get everything you need in one place – and having just the one storage unit means there’ll be less furniture edges to bang your elbow on in a small bathroom!

To celebrate their launch on Twitter and Facebook, is giving their customers a chance to win £1,000 of vouchers.
To enter, simply follow @bathroomsdotcom on Twitter and tweet the following message:
Want to win a £1000 of bathrooms vouchers? Check out @bathroomsdotcom's competition at
Competition closes on April 13th 2012.


  1. Been the New Orleans many times over the last two decades. I prefer the Marriott on Canal Street for my hotel. It is on the side of Canal Street that has all the places I want to visit. I hate having to cross Canal for any reason.

    No matter how cliche is sounds. Gotta go get a Hurricane at Pat O'Brien's... maybe 3 of them.

    There are numerous places to eat. They do have the best sea food around. I love everything I ever ate there, that was dipped in a hot spicy batter and fried.

    And the best advice I could ever give you... is do not carry your money/credit card in your back pants pockets. Keep it as close, as possible, to your body.

    Even if that requires wearing a pocketed t-shirt with a dang button closure, under your shirt, every time you go out. It is stunning how talented the pick-pocket people are there.

    But have fun! It is my favorite place to visit.

  2. I've been to NOLA twice, and will be there again next month when Mac graduates from LSU.

    It's an interesting town. The aquarium is good, the zoo is okay, and there's supposed to be a great WWII museum. Cafe DuMonde is tasty, but the servers are rude (often)!

    We stayed at Bienville House, a little boutique hotel, but I'm guessing you have your accommodations booked.

    A cemetery tour or house tour would probably interest you.

    The Bourbon Street area is interesting, but it's also tawdry. That section of town is famous, but it's also dirty. But I'm just an old stick in the mud.

  3. I have been several times in my life - three times since Katrina. I do love NOLA - more than Emeril's other places. Get the shrimp and grits - best ever! I also love The Pelican - very very very good food. Do NOT waste money on hurricanes. They are NASTY! Cafe Du Monde is fun - the rudeness of the servers is kind of funny and quirky. I took a buggy tour of the French Quarter, which was kind of fun. If you want to go to church there is a Catholic church in the quarter that friends have been to and loved it for the experience. I can't remember the name but there is an artists shop/studio just west of the quarter that offers classes that I really wanted to take, but didn't find out about till too late. The WWII museum is quite good (that artists place was on the way to the museum by the way). My husband and I always go to the New Orleans School of Cooking once while we are there. It is really fun. The grave yards are amazing - you can do a tour or just wander through on your own. The crypts of the voodoo queens are a little unsettling! The French Quarter has wonderful antique and art shops. Also you should go to that drug store that sells the famous mufalatas (sandwiches) - the time we went they were closed - and if you love ice cream there is a store that if famous for flavors and serving sizes, of course I don't remember the name. Get a shrimp poor boy....Can you tell I love going there? Hope this isn't too late! have fun.


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