Electrifying Pantry Update

Can you believe I already have 2 more projects crossed off my pantry to do list?! I might actually finish this thing soon!
My parents came down to visit 2 weekends ago and I talked my dad into helping me out on a couple pantry projects. Poor guy thought he was just coming to watch a spring training game!
His first task was to replace the nasty beige light switch with a new white one:


And his second task was to hang my new light fixture. I wish I had a before picture…think boob light without the boob cover – so just the light bulbs hanging up there…

Don’t you love it?! It’s an allen + roth light from Lowe’s. I love the Edison-style light bulb, or as my dad called it “that funky looking light bulb.”
And with that, 2 more projects crossed off the ol’ to-do list!

OK, now let’s review what's done and what's left:
Paint walls
Paint shelves
Move ironing board to laundry room
Buy container for Ringo and Abby’s food
Trash expired food
Donate unused items
Recycle plastic bags
Rearrange items on shelves
Buy baskets and containers
Update light switch to white
Replace light fixture

System for storing plastic bags
Paint trim
Buy crate for cleaning supplies
Buy additional crate for rags
Labels for glass jars
Find/paint one more bird hook
Touch up ceiling (around light fixture)

Oh man, I’m so close! Hopefully I can get those last few projects finished up, so we can have a final pantry reveal soon!


  1. Love the light!!


  2. I love that light!!! So awesome! Oh you can't imagine how much I'm dying for a pantry....we are renting an 80 year old house and I guess back in the 30's people went to the grocery store every other day?? Or had hardly any dishes so all their food fit in the cabinets...either way, there's no pantry here, so I'm trucking up and down the basement stairs a hundred times a day because that's the only spot with room for our food. Can't wait to see your pantry reveal. It'll get me dreaming about the pretty pantry I'll have one day!

  3. I just saw that light fixture at Lowe's the other day. Love it!

  4. That is a lot accomplished already. I do like the new light fixture.


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