Master Bathroom Update

As usual, progress has been slow in the master bathroom. The missing drawer is the biggest holdup…and I’ve been too lazy busy to search around to get a replacement built. One of these days! I haven’t just been sitting on my bum though…I’ve made a few updates worth sharing.
As a reminder, we last left off at this:

I think the biggest change I’ve made has been adding some artwork to the room. Finding the perfect picture was so hard! I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted and nothing caught my eye until a trip to Hobby Lobby (of course). I loved the picture, but I hated the frame. The red details aren’t really my thang.

Yay for spray paint! I painted the frame with the Krylon Dual Paint + Primer I had left over from my gallery wall and now I love it!

Problem solved!
I also bought new bath towels and one set of new hand towels. I’m still looking for a second set of hand towels (I like to use a separate towel for just my face).

I’m actually on my second set of new bath towels. I the first set I bought were quick dry towels from Target and I hated them. The texture was weird and I swear they made my hair static-y. Luckily, I bought them on sale and only wasted $20. Well, not really wasted…they’ll probably be Ringo’s towels for when he jumps in the pool.

The last small change is a new tissue holder – from Goodwill (originally from Bed Bath & Beyond). They make tissue boxes cuter than they used to, but I still think these are better looking.  

Chandelier Picture – Hobby Lobby $24.99 $12.49
Spray Paint – On hand
Bath Towels (1st Set) – Target $20.00 ($4 x 5)
Bath Towels (2nd Set) – Target $18.70 ($3.74 x 5)
Hand Towels - HomeGoods $17.97 ($5.99 x 3) $0 (gift card)
Tissue Holder – Goodwill $3.99 $0 (gift card)

Total $51.19
(Would be $31.19 if I didn’t have a towel FAIL)

Next step: Replace missing drawer!


  1. Nice! love the aqua towel with the black and white and LOVE LOVE the shot of Ringo, your pool boy :)

  2. My mum has some WEIRD handtowels which I can't bear using. They have a freaky texture, wonder if they're the same kind of thing. Like the pop of turquoise against the black and white x

  3. Good choice on making the frame all black! I love it! Hobby Lobby is for sure the best place for accessories! Good towels are hard to find. I have some fantastic ones from Bed Bath and Beyond that are bleach safe and super comfy. Yay! Lookin' good.

  4. Love the new print. Great job on painting it. Thanks for popping in for a visit @TheDedicatedHouse and the sweet comment on my valance. I'm itching to make the panels, but I'm waiting for the fabric to go on sale. Oh, patience! Hope you have a grand Sunday! Toodles, Kathryn

  5. I like the turquoise and black & white. Very classy!


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