February After – Office

The time has come – the “after” of the February Project!

Shine Your Light
Y’all remember how my office looked at the beginning of the month:

Here’s how it looks 27 days later:

(plus a cute puppy)
OK, that picture is a little deceiving because it doesn’t show the whole room…  So, let’s take a before and after tour from each corner.

The bed frame and fan were moved to the garage (where they belong). And the artwork on the floor was moved to my “art stash” in my craft room.  I added a pair of Overstock.com curtains (hung on a Hobby Lobby rod) to the room.



(Yes, I like to watch Breaking Bad while I run on the treadmill)

I cleaned! All of that mess in the before picture was put away, donated to Goodwill, or thrown in the trash. I didn’t just move the mess to another room for the ‘after’ shot. The white bookcase is currently in the garage…I need to post it on Craigslist. The books were moved to a new bookcase in the closet.



I finally painted the desk I bought off of Craigslist - full details to come in a separate post!



We didn’t have enough room in the garage for the mattress, but making room in there is definitely on my list. I also haven’t found the perfect TV armoire yet.
With that, I managed to cross 7.5 projects off my to-do list!

Paint stripes on the walls
Find/sew curtains
Add top trim piece to closet doors
New closet door knobs
Add artwork
Finish painting the desk
Paint/upholster desk chair
Finally unpack “desk stuff” into desk
Organization system
Sell white bookcase on Craigslist
Buy/Build shelves where bookcase used to be
Find small bookcase/shelving system for the closet
Move boyfriend’s old mattress and bed into the garage
Find an armoire for the TV
Donate/trash unused/unwanted stuff

I still have some work to do, but I think it’s a huge improvement…and I love actually having a desk to work on!  As usual, I’ll keep you updated as I continue to cross projects off that list.


  1. Good work! I am desperate for an office - and you have a separate craft room as well? Jealous!

  2. LOVE the curtains! LOVE the white desk (and its knobs too)!! It all turned out so nice! One thing I did notice...you should write something else on your chalkboard besides "write on me" :) How about a quote from Dr. Suess in honor of his upcoming birthday: “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” Or something else, haha.
    Very nicely done! Does it make you want to work more? :)
    Brie @ BreezyPinkDaisies

  3. This looks awesome! And the puppy is the perfect accessory :-) I love the desk! Where did you get it?

  4. I wannnaaaa huggg your puppyy. I'm going to have to come visit. If you find some redhead randomly running around your yard. Fear not. It's just me, playing with your fluffy puppies. I also love the white desk because I also love white furniture. No wonder we are friends!!

  5. So light and airy! I love the curtains. I need to look on the O for bedroom curtains. Never considered that! Thanks.

  6. Now that must feel great!That's what blogging is for, to help keep you on track...well done. What is next for you? Puppy school?

  7. What a great space! You must be thrilled that it's all coming together. Love the desk in white and the curtains!!


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