The Joy of Treats

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Now that we’re working from home, we get to spend so much more time with the dogs…and it’s the best! I love that I can kiss their little faces and yell about how cute they are all day long. 

It’s been so much fun to learn more about their personalities too. Ringo is the nosy old man of the neighborhood. He knows everyone’s business and who’s coming and going. Abby is more playful than I’ve ever seen her and can now consistently catch a stuffy in her mouth. Jelly on the other hand, is the laziest dog ever. She spends almost the entire day sleeping on the guest bed (my WFH office is in the guest bedroom), like she won’t move for HOURS. 

Another big part of working from home has been snack time. The first month we went wild with ALL the junk food, but now we’re settling into a healthier routine. Our favorite snack lately has been apple slices with vanilla almond butter sprinkled with cinnamon. It’s a great snack to share with the dogs too. Although they usually get just apple with peanut butter (because vanilla almond butter is $$$). 

Of course we feed our dogs actual dog treats too. They’re creatures of habit and know that they get a treat after breakfast and a treat at night to bribe them out of our bed, plus extras because they’re cute and their joy brings me joy.

One of my favorite parts of the day is giving them their morning treats. It’s so fun to experience their excitement and watch them show off their tricks. The girls have known how to shake with both paws for a long time, but we just recently got Ringo to do it. Before he’d only shake and high five with his left paw. We think it’s because he gets so into it that he throws off his balance too much to switch to the other side. But now he’s a double shake champion!

With three dogs we’ve bought A LOT of dog treats over the years. We have our list of go-to brands and must-haves for any treat purchase. Some of our must-haves include: a grain-free option (Ringo has grain sensitivities), all-natural/not full of preservatives, and we prefer a US-based brand – Old Mother Hubbard checks all of those boxes.

Old Mother Hubbard has been baking all-natural dog treats since 1926. They’re still based in Massachusetts, but are now available nationwide. Available in a variety of flavors, we went with the small size P-Nuttier and the Grain-Free P-Nuttier N’ Nanners in mini-size. Although our dogs are large, the smaller size treats are perfect additions to our apple snacks and a great for portion control.

Click on the links below to purchase Old Mother Hubbard dog treats in-store or using Online Grocery Pickup (OGP) at Walmart!

Grain-Free P-Nuttier N’ Nanners (mini)

They make our dogs happy which makes us happy. Just look at that smile!


  1. Your pups are adorable! And spoiled which they should be! We have a house full of pups and I cook food for them on weekends and I do make them treats here and there. Recently I made sweet potato fries with coconut oil, cinnamon and tumeric and baked them and they really enjoyed. :) Our Roxanne-Love is a yellow lab and she turned 15 in March! She still likes a good tennis ball and is always on the look out for food. lol Our most recent rescue looks like your Abby. We think he's lab, cattledog and border collie. He has so much energy and is super smart and fast and strong. I'm sure your pups are so happy to have you home. Stay safe and keep posting your sweet furbabies. :) -Marie

    1. Those sweet potato treats sound doggy delicious! I've made sweet potato treats in our dehydrator before, but I didn't add any seasonings. Ringo and Abby loved them, but Jelly hates most fruits and veggies so she wasn't a fan. She did love the chicken breast jerky that I made though!


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