February 2019 Notes

Happy almost March! How has everyone’s February been? I caught a terrible cold at the beginning of the month. It started out as a head cold, but quickly turned into bronchitis. Luckily, I went to the doctor, got some prescriptions and it cleared up in a few days. Although the cough is still lingering…

For my friend Michelle’s birthday we booked the Penguin Encounter at OdySea Aquarium in Scottsdale. We got to pet the penguins and play with them in their enclosure. It was as adorable as you can imagine! They have the softest bellies!

Everyone is talking about Marie Kondo and decluttering right now, but this article from the Washington Post makes a great point about needing to change your buying habits to really make a lasting impact. This is something that I’m really trying to work on this year.

February Craft Day: Valentine's Flour Sack Towels

I finally caught up on the first 2 seasons of Riverdale available on Netflix. The third season is on TV now, but the first few episodes aren’t available on the CW app, so I’ll have to wait until they’re available at the end of the season or when they’re added to Netflix. It’s such ridiculous teen drama and the only decent person in that town is Archie’s dad, but I still like it.

Adam won spring training tickets from work, so on Monday we went to the Padres vs. Cubs game. The weather was slightly cool and it was so nice not to bake in the sun like usual. Javibear (based on Javier Baez) was walking around and I got my picture with him. He kept messing with my hair and petting my face, so my face is covered with his paw in every picture lol

One of my 18 for 2018 goals is to try a new restaurant every month and to see a show (movie or theatre). We tried a new restaurant this month (MOD Pizza), but didn’t see a show…I didn’t even make it 2 months on that goal…whomp whomp

This article about “The Modern Trap of Turning Hobbies Into Hustles” really hit close to home. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this blog and how/when/if I should grow it into something more. I really enjoy the process of writing and sharing, but I’d be lying if I said I don’t feel jealous when I see all of the sponsored items/travel and money that others are getting. Last year I tried to work on my social media and grow my numbers, but I just ended up feeling miserable about my blog and discouraged about how fake a lot of it is. So, for now, I’m keeping it a hobby and enjoying the occasional perks that come with it.

Weekend Getaway to Austin, TX (full post coming soon)

Adam and I finished Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes on Netflix and we both liked it. If you’re familiar with the case, it’s nothing new, but it’s interesting to hear such an obvious example of malignant narcissism. Plus it’s true crime and I love true crime. Now we’re watching The Great British Baking Show…

February Date Night: Goat Yoga

What was noteworthy for you this month?


  1. Fun recap!!! The penguin encounter sounds amazing, I'd love to do that, or with dolphins, or really both. And, I loooooove Riverdale, so sad to hear about Luke's stroke though!

  2. I totally can't get past the goat yoga. It's so funny. I want to try it but I'm afraid at the same time.

  3. Your month sounds a lot like mine! We've been poorly with a cold too. Can't wait for spring, and we've been watching Marie Kondo as well :)

  4. LOL The Goat! We have been sick off and on as well. This winter has been so harsh.

  5. The best parts look like being able to pet a penguin at the Penguin Encounter. And of course yoga with a dressed up goat looks spectacular!!


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