ORC Week 6: Guest Bathroom Reveal

Happy One Room Challenge Reveal Day! I’m so excited to share my guest bathroom with you all today! I’ve been procrastinating this makeover for over a year, so I’m thrilled to finally call this room complete (well, almost complete – see below).

Before we get into all of the after pictures, let’s look back at the evolution of this room. When I first bought this house the bathroom was very blue (literally and figuratively).

I gave it a quick cosmetic makeover, but didn’t have the money to replace any of the big items. I spent about $350 on paint, new fixtures, and accessories. This is pretty much how the guest bathroom has looked ever since.

A couple years ago I decided the room needed a refresh, but procrastinated most of the work until now. We did have an electrician center the junction box/light fixture over the sink, but that was the extent of the progress until this fall. But now, it’s (mostly) done! 

The only thing left to do in this room is install the pulls on the cabinet drawers. You would think this would be such an easy project, but it’s been a total pain! Originally I didn’t install them when I did the knobs because I couldn’t find the drill template for the drawers. So I went to Home Depot and bought a new one. Then I found my template, so I returned the one I bought. Then I went to drill the holes and my pulls were too small for the holes on that template. So then I went back to Home Depot to re-buy the template I returned, but they didn’t have any on the shelves. Anyway, I finally have a template that fits, but I just didn’t have time to add the pulls and take new pictures. I’ll update this post when they’re on!

I think my favorite change from the whole makeover is replacing the dated countertop that stretched across the toilet with this beautiful new marble-like counter. The room looks so much more open and we were able to get a standard height toilet. I love the new wall color and navy painted cabinet too!

What do you all think of my giant highland cow picture? Is it weird for a bathroom? As I told Adam, if hanging a huge highland cow in your bathroom is wrong, I don’t wanna be right. If you want your own cow, I used this downloadable print from the LILAxLOLA Etsy shop.

I’m also obsessed with the set of abstract watercolor prints above the toilet. They’re also just digital prints that I had printed out at Costco. It’s such an affordable way to add art around your house without buying the same big box pictures as everyone else. These prints are from the MyPaperHouseShop Etsy shop (here and here).

I really love how this room turned out and I think it looks so good combined with the guest bedroom that I did during the Spring One Room Challenge. Now I just need to refresh and update the rest of the house!

Ok, let’s talk budget. I know some people are uncomfortable talking about money, but I always think the budget breakdown is one of the most interesting parts of a room reveal. Everything is included below except the drywall repair. We had them do a few projects at once, so I’m not sure what just the bathroom cost…probably around $450? 

Wall Paint - $34.98 (Behr Ethereal White)
Light Fixture - $109.00 (Home Depot)
Mirror - $49.99 (Target)
Countertop – $560.78 (Home Depot)
Faucet - $74.00 (Home Depot)
Knobs - $2.98 x 2 (Home Depot)
Pulls - $4.78 x 2 (Home Depot)
Toilet Paper Holder – $27.78 (Home Depot)
Toilet - $198.00 (Home Depot)
White Picture Frames – $11.70 x 2 (Target)
Abstract Landscape Prints - $13.20 (Etsy)
Basket - $5.99 (HomeGoods)
Shower Curtain – $48.00 (Amazon)
Shower Curtain Rings – $9.99 (Target)
Shower Curtain Rod – $15.99 (Target)
Frame for Cow Print - $22.49 (Michael’s)
Highland Cow Print – $6.49 (Etsy)
Costco Printing - $11.42
Towel Bar – $46.38 (Home Depot)
Bath Towels – $44.90 (Amazon)
Hand Towels - $22.90 (Amazon)
Rug - $17.49 (Target)
Tissue Holder – $36.99 (Amazon)
Glass Jar - $14.99 (Target)

Grand Total $1,410.67

Don’t forget to check out the official participants here and the other guest participants here. There are so many amazing makeovers linked up! I can’t wait to go through all of them! 


  1. Amazing job! My favorite part is definitely the counter too. Love the marble look!

    1. Thanks Jenn! Replacing the counter made such a huge difference in the room!

  2. Love that counter and the print. Nicely done!

    1. Thanks Libbie! The highland cow print is one of my favorite parts of the room too!


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