Friday Five

One –Rod Works Blogger Night

On Tuesday night I went to a blogger event at the Rod Works in Gilbert and I was completely overwhelmed by the store. They seriously have the cutest stuff and the prices are so, so reasonable! I circled the store like ten times and I swear I saw new things each time. It took me forever to decide what to buy, but I’m so happy with what I came home with. I’ll have to post an update once I have everything styled. 

If you live in the Phoenix area, there’s a store in Gilbert and in North Phoenix. There are also stores in Utah, Las Vegas, and California, plus they are opening one in Colorado soon, so if you live in any of those places, you should definitely check them out!

Two –Ozark

Have any of you seen the new-ish Netflix show Ozark? It’s about a financial advisor (Jason Bateman) who moves his family from Chicago to the Missouri Ozarks to launder money for a drug cartel. We finished the season last night. It’s definitely interesting, but some of it is a little far-fetched and completely crazy. BUT, I can’t stop watching…

Three –Clothing on Amazon

The past couple of weeks I’ve been on a clothing buying kick on Amazon. The top three shirts I’ve already received and I’m waiting on the bottom three items. Unfortunately, the three items I’ve received are all being returned. The first shirt is not nearly as cute in person, the second shirt was made out of a weird shiny material, and the third shirt was so cute and fit perfect, but the stripes were sewn slightly crooked and it would have driven me crazy.

The shoes and jacket are coming today, so fingers crossed. I’m a little nervous about the jacket being too small, but it’s cute, a great price, and free returns, so it was worth a try. The shoes are roxy brand and they are my favorite brand of casual flats. I have three other pairs of roxy casual slip-ons, so I’m hoping these are just as comfy. I’m obsessed with the polka dot and plaid shirt, so I really hope it’s as cute in person as in pictures…I can’t wait for it to arrive!

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Four –Wind River

Adam and I don’t go to the movies very often, but we recently saw Wind River and we both really enjoyed it. It’s a thriller about a wildlife officer/tracker (Jeremy Renner) who finds the body of a local girl in the snow on the Wind River Indian Reservation. He teams up with a FBI agent (Elizabeth Olsen) to investigate the death. The movie was really well done and I still catch myself thinking about how it portrayed the will to survive. If it’s playing in a theatre near you, I highly recommend seeing it.

Five – Open House

We went to an open house last weekend and I’m completely obsessed with the master bathroom. It’s pretty much my dream bathroom. Unfortunately, Adam didn’t like the house as much as I did. It was obviously a flip, so he’s nervous about the quality of the work…and I kind of agree. It’s also overpriced for the neighborhood, so I don’t think I’ll be soaking in that tub anytime soon.

Do you have anything fun planned for the weekend? My mom is coming tomorrow and on Sunday we leave for our two week Scotland and Ireland adventure! I'm so excited, but I'm going to miss Adam and the doggies!  

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  1. Blogger events are so fun! That store looks super cute. Can't wait to see what you bought!

  2. I would love to live in an area that has Rod Works. Looks like an awesome place. Also, I should really watch Ozark. Grew up and lived in the Arkansas Ozarks for almost 30 years, so curious to see how the show would be.

  3. We just watched the show Ozark a few weeks ago. Its pretty good!

  4. I bought my swim suit on Amazon and I was so impressed. The quality is similar to Target but even cheaper and I didn't have to try it on in stores. I hope the rest of your items work out!

  5. We loved wind river as well! Such a great movie.

  6. We love Ozark too! I've never bought clothes off amazon although I should since I buy everything else there!


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