Office Update – New Desk, New Layout

I just realized that my last post about our office was in March 2014! Can you believe it’s been almost 3 years since I’ve finished a project in there?!?! The only change I made to this room during those years was updating the gallery wall.  Obviously I took down all of my ex-boyfriend’s stuff when we split up, but I never finished it so I never shared an update. Anyway, this is what the office looks like now:

As you can see, we replaced the DIY farmhouse desk with a desk from World Market (the Teagan Desk)…and we got a new computer. The screen is so big that I ended up taking the TV off the wall. It looked weird having two similar sized screens next to each other. The chair is from the guest room and is just temporary until I find something that I like that’s not ridiculously expensive. 

We also moved the treadmill to the garage. It freed up so much space and looks so much nicer, but now we’re trying to figure out how to arrange this room. We moved the couch to where the treadmill was, but I don’t like it there, so we’ll probably move it back under the window.

Yeah, so basically this room went from almost done to needing lots of work. I’m not even sure what I want to do in here. Our new desk is deeper than our old one so I don’t think the pullout from the couch will fit anymore if it’s under the window. So I might have to switch that out for a daybed…or just forget about an extra bed completely and put something else in here. So I have no idea what I’m planning to do in here, but I’ll be back at some point with a new mood board. 

In the meantime, what’s your opinion of day beds? Are they practical for an adult to sleep on? I feel like they are more for kids, but maybe that’s because the last time I slept on one I was still a kid. I like the idea of putting one in the office, but I just don't know if it's practical.


  1. It looks great! I love that desk and that chair color together. I'll be curious to see the chair you pick when you find one...they are all so expensive!

  2. My office appears only slightly larger and I had the same quandary, sofa sleeper or day bed. I opted with the sofa sleeper only because it would rarely be used and it's more comfortable to sit on than the day bed. Sometimes when I want some quiet time away from the kids and my husband I go in there to read so comfort was essential. I also decided the sofa was more practical if we ever wanted to move it out of there. I have places I could put a sofa bed but not a day bed. My sofa looks very similar except that the arms are a bit more chunky. It is slightly more crowded than my liking but a day bed offered only a twin sleeper and my sofa works as a double. Another reason I went that route. I did need to find a chair that slipped all the way under the desk opening in order to pull it out for use but it works. With all that said, I do have another actual guest room, separate of my office, so really the office is used only for sleeping quarters when my guests come with their children. Just some things to consider.

    1. We have a separate guest room too, so the sleeper sofa isn't used too often. I do like that our sleeper sofa is a double instead of a twin size day bed. It sounds like we have a similar set up, so your tips are very much appreciated!


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