A New Shed

This is the story of a shed that was bought Memorial Day weekend, but wasn’t fully set up until Labor Day weekend…

Let’s jump back to mid-May – After years of planning and saving, I finally had the backyard professionally landscaped. I mentioned in the reveal post that I wanted to add a shed, but I was waiting for a deal. Well, I got that deal a couple weeks later during the Memorial Day sales. I ended up ordering this Craftsman resin storage shed from Sears.

It was on sale for almost $200 off, plus I had $10 in rewards points to use! I also saved $70 on shipping by borrowing a friend and her pickup truck for an hour. It was still a big purchase, but it had great reviews and it should last for a very long time (10 year warranty!).

But then the shed just sat in its box for two months…June and July are ridiculously hot in Phoenix and we really didn’t want to build a shed in 115 degree weather. Finally one weekend at the end of July the temps were just over 100 degrees so we decided to go for it. We did as much prep work as we could inside and then waited until the sun started to set to start assembling the set outside. 

It took HOURS to assemble and we did the last few steps in the dark by cellphone light. I’ll be completely honest, it was not fun…at all. We were sweating like crazy and we made it harder on ourselves by not building it on a completely level surface. It made most of the pieces harder to line up, especially the doors. That was definitely my fault…I wanted the shed put together and didn’t want to waste time building a level surface. So the shed was built, but not on a level surface so it really wasn’t usable…the doors didn’t work correctly. 

Luckily my boyfriend is amazing and over the past couple weeks he built a level surface for the shed. He used some leftover pavers to create a level border and then filled/compacted the space with dirt. He finished up over the long weekend and we moved the shed into place on Monday. We’re using it to hold all of the patio cushions, extra chairs, wheelbarrow, and yard tools.

I love how it turned out…it was definitely worth all of the sweat. We did things out of order, but sometimes you just have to do what you can in the summer heat. Plus the shed provided shade for my boyfriend while he was working on leveling the ground…so I guess it worked out in the end. 

Did you notice the dirt patch next to the shed? That’s where we are going to plant a vegetable garden! We still have to dig it out and add better soil (we bought a bunch while it was on sale over the weekend). We are also connecting lines to the existing drip system so we don’t have to worry about watering the garden. For our region, September is the best time to plant most of the leafy veggies (lettuces, kale, spinach) and plants like broccoli and cauliflower, so we’ll probably start with those. I’ll definitely post an update when I have more than a dirt patch to show.


  1. This shed is beautiful!!! We've been wanting a shed for our backyard and this might work! I feel ya with trying to do things in the heat. If it would just cool down already!!

  2. Ha, that is also totally something I would do. Looks great!! I'm sure you're loving it!


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