2016 Mid-Year Review

I know I say this every year, but 2016 is flying by! I can’t believe it’s already July! Now that we’ve hit the halfway point, it’s time to check on the progress of the goals I made back in January (see them here). Original comments are in italics.

#1 Finish 2015 Projects

Last year two of my goals were to landscape the backyard and finish at least one of the rooms I’d already started (living room, laundry room, office, craft room, and master bathroom). I didn’t complete either of those goals, so I’m carrying them over to 2016.

After years of no progress on the backyard, it’s finally done! Although I’m back to battling the weeds and trying my hardest to keep my new plants alive in the heat. Regardless, it’s done and we are loving it. I haven’t finished any of those rooms listed, but I still have time to cross them off my list this year…

#2 Crafts/Small Projects

Another goal from last year was to do more crafts and small projects. I didn’t do very well on that goal last year, but I’m bringing it back this year because I really want to spend more time crafting and creating this year. I really do enjoy project time and want to focus more on it this year.

I don’t think I’ve done any crafts or small projects this year, so this one is a big, fat fail so far.

# 3 Be Healthy

Like most people, my goal this year (and every year) is to be more active/eat healthier. Last summer I got a gym membership and started taking Zumba classes a couple times a week. I slacked off during the holidays, but I want to get back into that. This isn’t just about traditional exercise and gym time though. It could be anything from hiking to walking the dogs around the neighborhood. For example, on Saturday I went to the zoo with my friend and we walked at least a couple miles. It was a fun way to spend the afternoon and get some extra steps in. I also started walking on the treadmill while I talk on the phone with my mom. It’s been a great way to get an extra mile worth of steps in my day.

And of course eating healthier has to be on the list…I say this as I’m eating a cookie…Anyway, I really want to find the balance between eating healthy, but still making it enjoyable. I love food and I really enjoy going out to restaurants and trying new dishes. It’s one of my favorite things, but I also enjoy fitting in my jeans. So I’m really going to work this year on finding healthier alternatives and eating smaller portions of those unhealthy dishes that I love, but probably shouldn’t eat. This will also be a great chance to try out some new healthy recipes. I have a few that I really love, but I need more of a variety.

Ooof, as a whole, I have not done well on this one. I’ve been pretty good about eating healthy the past month or so (not so good before that), but I’m definitely lacking exercise. I think I’ve been to the gym once this year…I know. Luckily there’s still time and if you saw my ‘30 for 30’ list last week, you might have noticed that there were a lot of physical activities on there so hopefully that’ll be good motivation.

In summary, I’m making progress on my goals, but definitely need to step it up in the next six months. Let’s get crafty/healthy!

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