2016 Home/Life Goals

Last week we reviewed my 2015 goals (see post here) so today I’m back to share my goals for 2016. My main goal this year is just to focus on my happiness. Last July my boyfriend of 5+ years and I split up. It was mutual and the best thing for the both of us. Of course it was a hard decision, but I’ve been so much happier ever since. Not to sound cheesy, but it’s been a great opportunity to discover myself and what I want in life. So for me, 2016 is about doing what makes me happy and bettering myself (for myself, not for anyone else). Of course I did make a few tangible goals this year too. They are mostly just a carryover from last year, but they are still applicable, so I’m keeping them.

#1 Finish 2015 Projects
Last year two of my goals were to landscape the backyard and finish at least one of the rooms I’d already started (living room, laundry room, office, craft room, and master bathroom). I didn’t complete either of those goals, so I’m carrying them over to 2016.

#2 Crafts/Small Projects
Another goal from last year was to do more crafts and small projects. I didn’t do very well on that goal last year, but I’m bringing it back this year because I really want to spend more time crafting and creating this year. I really do enjoy project time and want to focus more on it this year.

# 3 Be Healthy
Like most people, my goal this year (and every year) is to be more active/eat healthier. Last summer I got a gym membership and started taking Zumba classes a couple times a week. I slacked off during the holidays, but I want to get back into that. This isn’t just about traditional exercise and gym time though. It could be anything from hiking to walking the dogs around the neighborhood. For example, on Saturday I went to the zoo with my friend and we walked at least a couple miles. It was a fun way to spend the afternoon and get some extra steps in. I also started walking on the treadmill while I talk on the phone with my mom. It’s been a great way to get an extra mile worth of steps in my day.

And of course eating healthier has to be on the list…I say this as I’m eating a cookie…Anyway, I really want to find the balance between eating healthy, but still making it enjoyable. I love food and I really enjoy going out to restaurants and trying new dishes. It’s one of my favorite things, but I also enjoy fitting in my jeans. So I’m really going to work this year on finding healthier alternatives and eating smaller portions of those unhealthy dishes that I love, but probably shouldn’t eat. This will also be a great chance to try out some new healthy recipes. I have a few that I really love, but I need more of a variety.


  1. Darn, I'm sorry you and your boyfriend broke up. Even when it's mutual it's hard.

    I've posted about Zumba a couple of times. I'm addicted!! We've gone through some very tough times in our family in the last three years. No matter how crappy my day is...Zumba makes it better.

  2. I will love you long time no matter what! Dude. If you have a fit bit... we should be fit bit friends!

    Also, I'm creeping on your blog deep because I've lost my life to work lately.


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