Antique Window + Cotton Wreath

I’m so excited this project is finally finished! I’ve been hoarding a pair of old windows in the garage for over a year and now one of them finally has a home. 

I bought the windows at Main Street Antique Mall (where I now sell antiques myself). They were marked $40/each, but they were having a half-off sale, so I only paid $40 for the pair. Originally I was planning on hanging the windows together above the entertainment center, but I ended up changing my mind and decided to just hoard the windows until I thought of something different.

After some thought, I finally decided that one of the windows would look great hanging above the bench in the entry. There’s already some much going on with that wall (travel gallery wall), so I thought something simple would be a great way to fill space without looking too distracting.

But before I could do anything I had to clean up the windows. I started by scraping off some of the old paint and sanding some of the rough edges. Oh, and safety note: old windows may contain lead paint, so use caution and test for lead paint before doing anything.
Anyway, once they were cleaned up a bit, I added a couple of hooks to the back and hung the window in the entry. Of course it needed something, so I added a cotton wreath that I got from D├ęcor Steals. I love how it all looks together!

And I love the way the whole wall looks now!

Yay for finally finishing a project!


  1. I think it looks perfect! I've always wanted something Cotton in my home, and I think the wreath on that window is perfect!

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