Spring Cleaning: Around the Kitchen

Today I’m back with another spring cleaning project! I’ve already tackled the master bedroom closet and pantry, so today I’m focusing on a couple of the most unorganized spots in the kitchen. Let’s start with my messy plastic container collection.

Honestly, this mess is all my fault. When I put the dishes away I just throw the containers in here and shut the cabinet door before they can fall out. So I started by emptying everything out and wiping out the cabinet. Next I matched up all of the containers and lids and sorted the ones I wanted to keep vs. donate. Once I had my keep pile, I put everything back in the cabinet in nice, organized piles.

I actually did all of this a few weeks ago, but held off posting it to make sure it was something I could keep up with. I didn’t want to brag about my organized plastic containers and then have them messy again a few weeks later. I’m pleased to say that it’s still organized!

Next on the spring cleaning list was the utensil drawer. Ugh!

Seriously, there’s so much stuff in here that sometimes it’s hard to close the drawer and it's damn near impossible to find anything. I started by pulling everything out and wiping out the drawer. Then, like with the plastic containers, I just went piece by piece and sorted the keepers from the donate/trash items. Now everything in the drawer is actually something we use and it should be easier to find whatever we are looking for. 

Of course it’s not exactly organized, but now that there's less stuff I can find what I'm looking for quickly and I can close the drawer without shifting a bunch of items, so we’ll call this a win.

Please tell me I’m not the only one dealing with plastic container and utensil messes!

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  1. Yes to the tupperware! I can't stand for mine to be a mess and spend so much time fixing it when the hubs throws them all in!


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