Flashback Friday: August

It’s August! That means it’s time for another edition of Flashback Friday! Today we’re looking back at some of my favorite August posts from years past. It seems like August has been a pretty productive month for me over the past few years, so I better moving if I’m going to keep up the trend!

OK, let’s kick this off with a flashback to August 2013 –

I made this Eiffel Tower wood shim art in celebration of our upcoming trip to Paris. Now that I’ve seen the Eiffel Tower in person, I love this project even more. I’ve always bought/made a lot of Paris d├ęcor, so I’m glad that it didn’t disappoint in real life.

Last August I added some much needed storage to the office by adding a pair of IKEA filing cabinets. All of the drawers are full now (last year I posted that a couple were still empty) and are still relatively organized. The filing cabinets have held up great and I’m still really happy this purchase. I still want to label all of the drawers – there are so many drawers it’s hard to remember what’s in each one. 

Let’s rewind another year and look at August 2012 –

These Instagram magnets have been one of my most popular projects on the blog. They were even featured in a Craft Foxes’ ‘How to Display Your Instagram Photos’ article. I’ve taken a lot more photos over the past two years, so I’ve made a couple more batches since this post. I love having them on the fridge, but I also added some to the metal filing cabinet in my cubicle at work.  

Two years ago we bought some furniture for our back patio off of Craigslist. We love the patio table and chairs, but I ended up selling the conversation set for $50. We just didn’t have enough room for it plus I didn’t want to spend money on cushions for the set. Outdoor cushions are expensive! I bought a set of red cushions for the dining chairs at Garden Ridge and I couldn’t believe how much I ended up spending!  Good thing we got a good deal on the table and chairs!  

Time to go WAY back to August2011 – my first year of blogging!

Three years ago I was working on my first room makeover – the guest bathroom. One of my favorite projects was painting the vanity. I still love the black and I’m impressed with how well the paint has held up. Although, I still want to replace the countertop. One of these days…

This trashcan was another guest bathroom project. We still use it and I still like it, but I’m thinking about replacing it with one that had a lid. Ringo likes to drop his ball in there and then hit it with his nose until you get it out for him. It’s really annoying. 

So that’s what I’ve been up to in August for the past three years. It’s been fun looking back at old projects and seeing how much I’ve accomplished in our house over the past few years.


  1. This is fun, you have been a busy girl every August!

  2. I'm definitely checking out those instagram magnets. I won a giveaway a while ago where I got free prints of my Instragram photos. The photos have been sitting around for months because I don't know what to do with them. This project is perfect!

  3. What a great series, Sam! I love reading the updates to your original posts. :)


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