Navy End Table

As promised, I’m sharing a living room project today! Yep, I finally replaced my random IKEA end table with an end table painted to match my console table!

I had originally planned to order the table from Wayfair(where I bought the console table), but I ended up finding the exact same table at Target online for $30 less! It definitely pays to do a quick Google search before buying this type of furniture online.

The table arrived a week later and required some assembly. I really only had to add the bottom shelf and legs, so it was a quick project. Of course I still had to paint the table to match my console table…

Luckily I still had paint (Deep Royal by Behr) leftover from my console project, so I just used a small foam roller and brush to apply. It only took two coats of paint plus one coat of wipe-on poly to the top. I also replaced the knob with a matching one from Hobby Lobby.

I love how it turned out! I think adding another piece of navy furniture makes it look more intentional than just having one random navy table mixed in with all the other white and black pieces. Although the picture below makes the blue tables look a lot brighter than they actually are. They are definitely navy, not bright blue.

Now I just need to finish the rest of my to-do list!

Sew throw pillows
Style entertainment center shelves/top
Replace missing baseboard
Replace arm chair
Buy large plant/pot
Decorate fireplace mantle


  1. Adorable! They do look bright blue in the picture so I'm trying to picture navy :) I bet they look awesome! Shoot, I like they look great the color my computer screen is showing me too!

    And that just seems crazy to me that they have the exact same table! Great find!

    1. One of these days I'm going to re-take that last picture so they don't look so bright! I think the first picture is the best representation of the true color.


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