Weekend Junk #16

Yep, today we're kicking it old school! It's been over two years since my last Weekend Junk post and I'm excited to bring the series back!

I haven't done any Weekend Junk posts recently because I'm really trying not to buy anything that I don't have a place/purpose for - I'm trying to stop my decor hoarding! One exception to that rule is ironstone. I'm currently in a BUY ALL THE IRONSTONE phase, so I buy pretty much every piece I find in the thrift stores.

Anyway, my mom came to visit this weekend and we spent most of our free time thrift shopping. 

Here are my finds:

Ann Taylor Loft Pink Shirt – Goodwill - $4.99
Banana Republic Plaid Shirt – Savers - $6.99 $5.24 (25%-off)
LL Bean Polka Dot Shirt – DI - $5.00

IRONSTONE! My mom found this set while we were at Savers. I was still in the fitting room, so she checked out the housewares section first and found this set of Johnson Bros ironstone dishes for me. Dinner plates were $1.99/each and the smaller plates and bowls were $0.99/each, but Savers is 25%-off on Fridays with a club card, so I ended up only paying about $12 for the whole set!  

It’s kind of interesting that there are five different hallmarks within the set of 12 dishes.  

So that’s what I found this weekend. If you were wondering, my mom bought a pair of khaki pants and a pile of books. We had a great time thrifting and I’m so happy she came down for the weekend to visit.

Anyone else have any luck at the thrift stores lately?


  1. The ironstone set was the killer find Sam! Found a $15 painting I blogged about last thursday!

  2. My favorite is the L.L. Bean polka dot shirt - Love it!


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