Laundry Room Lighting and More Paint - ORC Week 5

Welcome to Week 5 of the One Room Challenge! I have a lot of progress to share this week…which is good because the final reveal is next week! Eeeeek!

I’m so happy to finally have this room painted! It was the only room left in the house unpainted (because I was waiting to fix the drywall). The color is Cumulus by Behr (eggshell finish) and I love it. It’s the perfect shade of light blue for a small space with no natural light. 

We also installed the new light fixture! I like this one so much more than the previous one I bought. It just fits the room so much better. 

Moving on to smaller changes - I finally got the ironing board up off the floor. It might not seem like a big deal to you, but SO much dog hair used to collect behind it and I’m so happy to cross this off my list!

I also finished my Laundry Today or Naked Tomorrow sign. The wood is from Michael’s…it was the exact size I needed. I painted it with some leftover white paint and added the vinyl (from this Etsy shop). Seriously, it makes me laugh every time I see it! 

So my last big project is installing the countertop. I’m not going to lie. I’m nervous about being able to finish it in time…But anyway, let’s review the to-do list and see what else I need to finish this week...and don't forget to stop by the linkup and check out the rest of the room makeovers!

Repair Drywall
Paint Walls
Paint Trim and Door
Paint Ceiling
Paint Shelf and Replace Bracket
Install New Light Fixture

Update Light Switches to White
Add Wood Countertop
Hang Artwork
Install Ironing Board Hanger
Add Accessories/Final Touches


  1. Oh I love that sign! I can't believe you made it yourself...I've seen it on etsy but didn't have it in the budget to buy. Love the light and paint colour too--cant wait to see the big reveal next week!

  2. The sign and light fixture are just perfect. Can't wait to see it all done. :)

  3. The paint color looks great and the sign is so funny. I love it. Good luck in the final week!

  4. You're well on your way! I know exactly what you mean about having things on the floor! We have a furry beast, too--and even without one, it is just so much easier with everything up off the floor. I love the sign. I'm starting a load of laundry, right now!

  5. Sam, you've crossed a lot of your to-do list in the past 5 weeks…..almost there! I totally know what you mean about the ironing board, isn't it funny when you finally do something you've been meaning to forever and it makes such a big difference? I need to hang ours on the wall too……it lives under our bed and is soooo inconvenient! You are inspiring me to get that done….one of these days :)

  6. I love the new light fixture you chose Sam!!!!! It looks pretty enough for a living room even! Can't wait to see it all done!

  7. Love that sign!! Can't wait for the reveal!!

  8. Looks great! I love the paint color and the light fixture. And what a great idea to get the ironing board off the floor. Can't wait to see the final reveal :)

  9. You had me at the sign! Love your progress! Did I mention our laundry room is really a closest with doors in our kitchen? Looking forward to seeing your big reveal! A few more days to go, we can do this! BTW, love your stenciled upholstered headboard! I almost did the same with the stenciled I used for my daughter's bedroom. That color is gorgeous!


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