Deck the Halls Christmas Mantle

Ever since I moved to Phoenix I’ve had a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit. It just seems weird to still be wearing shorts and sandals, but decorating a Christmas tree (although I have no problems getting into the Christmas shopping mood…haha). As bad as this sounds (I promise I’m not a scrooge), I pretty much have to force myself to start decorating for Christmas. I add a Christmas scent to my wax warmer, turn on a Christmas movie, and spread all of my decorations out so I have to start putting them out. Of course once I start decorating I start enjoying myself and start getting excited for Christmas.

Anyway, this year I started with my mantle and I love how it turned out this year!

I don’t think I’ve posted anything about my mantle since last Christmas, so now is probably a good time to mention that I finally upgraded the mirror. The larger scale looks so much better with the large fireplace. It was originally black, but I spray painted it white. Oh, here’s a tip: Don’t leave a spray painted mirror outside overnight in the winter…the frost/morning dew will ruin the paint job – trust me on this one!

I used my Silhouette to cut out the lyrics to Deck the Halls with leftover vinyl. I used a large level and dry erase marker to draw lines on the mirror so I could keep the lettering level and centered. It took A LOT longer than planned, but I love how it turned out. Plus it’s easily removable, so after Christmas I can just peel off the vinyl and my mirror will be back to normal.


The stockings, glitter letters, and garland are from last year’s mantle. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only blogger who actually reuses holiday decorations and doesn't decorate with a different theme every year. That being said, I will admit that the candlesticks are new this year. I love the added height and  sparkle.

Now that the mantle is decorated and our Christmas tree is up (although it’s still not decorated…I’m trying to get Ringo used to having a tree in the house), I’m officially in the Christmas spirit and ready to start putting out the rest of the decorations!


  1. Love that mirror!!! And your entire mantle. I totally re-use my decorations every year (who can afford not to??), but I do usually buy some new stuff the day after Christmas to add to my current ones...and then sometimes I get rid of stuff I don't want any more. Again, love the way your mantle turned out, super cute!!

    1. I love after-Christmas sales! That's how I bought most of my decorations, including our tree!

  2. Confession. I have totally reused the same decorations since 2008. When I bought decorations. I pick things that are classic and versatile and switch it around. I sometimes get new things at thrift shops or after Christmas deals but I dont have storage for years and years of various decor. I think blogland sets a high standard on that and probably the other 90% of the population reuses.

    Loveeeee the big mirror! Looks wayyyyy better!

  3. Love your vinyl idea on the mirror Sam!!!! Perfect mantle!


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