I’d Rather Be Fishing Sign

Cue the applause! I actually created something that I pinned!

As you all know, I’m putting together a gallery wall in the office. My boyfriend and I both use the room, so I want both of our personalities to be reflected in the space especially since I don’t ask for his opinion anywhere else in the house. I thought a his/hers gallery wall would be a fun way to do that, so I’m hanging items he likes over his side of the desk and items I like over my side. I love how it’s turning out…plus my boyfriend actually likes it too.

My boyfriend LOVES fishing and we are only about 15 minutes from the lake, so he takes his boat out at least once a week. He spends a lot of time and money fishing, so of course I had to include something fishing related on the gallery wall.

Here’s my inspiration:

I loved this sign because I know my boyfriend would rather be fishing than doing most other activities, but I didn’t love the $49 price tag. So I decided to make the sign myself using the same method as my EiffelTower Wood Shim art.

I used two packages of wood shims plus two smaller pieces leftover from my last project. I already had the gray paint, white paint, and vinyl, so my version cost less than $5!

I followed the exact same process as my Eiffel Tower art, so if you need more detailed instructions, click here. The only difference is that I painted my shims gray and used a little white paint and water to whitewash the boards.  

Here’s the finished sign with the rest of my boyfriend’s gallery wall items:

I only have a few more items to gather until the gallery wall is done. I’m hoping to finish before my trip, but we’ll see…


  1. I love your version more SAM!!!!! Excellent! I am sure he loves it too!

  2. This looks great! I completely agree that Pinterest needs a "Bam I did it" button lol

    PS I didn't know you were a huskers fan; we are too!!!

  3. Now that I am starting on my office, I'm totally making some of these. Plus I get a discount at the Lowe'sy. Awesome. Gonna be a copy cat again!

    I love it.

  4. That is a great sign. I think the his and her gallery wall is a great idea.


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