Christmas Break To-Do List

One of the best things about my job is that we get a paid Christmas/Winter Break…and it’s much needed. I had a crappy week at work last week, including an almost mental breakdown on Wednesday. Thankfully everything is better now, but I’m still beyond excited that our site is officially closed down from December 22nd – January 1st. I’m going to spend a couple days with my parents, a couple days in Las Vegas with my boyfriend, and then the rest of the time I’ll be working around the house.
Just like last year, I’m putting together a Christmas Break to-do list. I’ve come up with 6 projects (large and small) that I really want to finish during my time off. Of course we all know I’m not that productive, so let’s plan for 3 out of 6. Oh, and sorry for the crappy pictures...I didn't feel like taking new ones, so I just used what I could find.
Paint the China Hutch

Install Living Room and Master Bathroom Baseboards

Finish the Craft Room

Upholster Chairs
No picture =(

Raise the Guest Bathroom Mirror (it’s hung too low for my tall boyfriend)

Artwork for Above the Console Table

Wish me luck…


  1. Glad you have the break to get some stuff done. I'm off for twelve days and I hope that I am able to get something done. :)

  2. sounds like you'll be very busy this Christmas:-)

  3. What an intense list! :) I should probably make a plan too...these two weeks are going to go by way too quickly! I look forward to seeing what you get done!


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