I Painted It White – Desk Edition

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Last week when I shared my office makeover progress I promised a separate post about the desk. And I always make good on a promise  =)

Any of you remember this desk?

I found it on Craigslist last April. I had planned to paint the body white and stain the top dark walnut. I was also planning to keep the existing hardware…
9 1/2 months later…
I decided I was sick of not having a desk and decided to get it done! (Possibly because I moved it to the middle of the garage and couldn’t park in there until it was finished – talk about motivation!) I sanded, patched, primed, painted (Creamy by Sherwin Williams), and polycrylic’ed the entire desk. I may have squealed with delight when it was all done– LOVE me some white furniture!
I replaced the existing hardware with glass pulls from Hobby Lobby and acrylic knobs from Pottery Barn Teen (I wanted the matching-ish glass knobs from Hobby Lobby, but they are out of stock in nearby stores and online).
15 newly drilled holes later:

And so you don’t have to scroll up again:



Desk – Craigstlist $75.00
Primer and Paint – On hand
Glass Pulls – Hobby Lobby $9.99 $4.99 x 6 = $29.94
Acrylic Knobs – Pottery Barn Teen $1.99 x 3 = $5.97 (found on clearance and free shipping!)

Total $110.91

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  1. This is an awesome transformation!

  2. looks great, the puppy is to darn cute!

  3. Omgosh. I wanna touch your knobs!

    (hold a second for delayed awkward laugh.) Ahhh jk. Apparently I think I'm funny. But anyways! I love how you revamped it! Ugly wood furniture turned into classy white furniture. I feel like that could be some sort of slogan. Good work! Love the sparkley knobs! Love the puppy!

  4. It looks great painted and the knobs are gorgeous, they really suit it!!

  5. Love the desk painted white and the knobs are the icing on the cake! thanks for linking up

  6. Sam, your desk turned out fabulous and little Abby is adorable!

    Again, thanks for linking up to Project Queen's party!

  7. what a difference, sam! it's so pretty now!

  8. Nice Job :) Looks really good!

  9. Wow it looks amazing white with those new pulls! Good job. Your puppy is so adorable!!

  10. From Drab to FAB!!! I love it!! And your little dog is too cute.

  11. Oh...the knobs a re perfect! What a transformation! thank you for sharing at Uncommon! Bonnie ;)

  12. I love it! So fresh and clean with a little bling great job. I'm a new follower. Hope you'll come by and follow my kitchen remodel. :-)

  13. So pretty! I love the paint and new hardware. Thanks for linking to my party!

  14. what a beautiful desk. love the glass knobs. nice touch!!


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