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I’m a forgetful person (or I just don’t pay enough attention to fully absorb the information), so I like to make lists to keep myself on track. I have a to-do list for every room in my house. I’ve decided to start posting my to-do lists to hold myself more accountable (I’ve already shared my master bathroom to-do list). And it’ll be a great way for you to see parts of the house I’ve never really shown before. Don’t get too excited…I think a couple areas could qualify as disaster zones!
Today we’re talking about one of my favorite rooms in the house – the kitchen. I fell in love with the house because of its open floor plan. The kitchen, dining area, and living room all flow together. Yep, I can watch the TV in the living room while I cook in the kitchen!
The kitchen probably has the best “before” pictures. The previous owner had already installed new cabinets, countertops, and tile. It was really only missing the finishing touches…and a refrigerator…and a working dishwasher.

Now let’s take a tour of its current state:

Time for my favorite part: Making Lists!

Paint Walls (unknown color)
New Refrigerator
New Dishwasher
Change Switches and Outlets to White
Paper Towel Holder
Napkin Holder (not shown above)

To Do:
Replace Stove to Match
Replace Microwave to Match
Replace Faucet
Sew Roman Shades for Windows
Add Tile Backsplash
Add Cabinet Hardware
Add Crown Molding to Cabinets
Add a Kitchen Island?
Re-Pot Plant
Hang Hook for Pot Holders
Mail Organization
System for Returning Items Left at Our House
Rug In Front of Sink
Finishing Touches

I guess that list isn’t too bad…
Just don’t expect to see a new stove and/or microwave anytime soon. Both of those work really well, so I’m in no rush to replace them - I have other house projects I’d rather spend my money on.

I think adding window treatments will make the biggest difference – time to stop slacking and find some fabric!

Oh, and I posted a funny video of Ringo on my facebook page! Check it out!

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  1. I am envious of your kitchen! Big windows! Big fridge! Big counters! I love it! I also am in love with the idea of an island! I think that would be really awesome. (I'm into exclamation points today) I feel like lists are the best way to tackle any kitchen project. I can't wait to see it!


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